We love hearing from clients after their pets that have been cared for at Veterinary Emergency Services and Veterinary Speciality Center. Here we share with you a few of their stories!

"Thanks again to your team for taking care of my big guy."

Walking home from the office, Tesla stepped on a very small piece of a broken beer bottle downtown- almost invisible to the naked eye. Since it was after hours, I called VES and the staff advised my husband and I which location to go to. It wasn't life threatening, but the team was ready to go when we arrived and he was quickly seen, given an estimate, and taken in back for the surgery. The team was nice enough to let us then head to dinner during surgery which was much appreciated! Although it was a rough go at first with a 100lb dog on strict activity restrictions, we all recovered. Tesla now has his own hastag reminding people to please not litter, and especially not glass! (#Teslatheactivist). Life is good again.  Thanks again to your team for taking care of my big guy."

"The staff and everyone was so sweet and took good care of my little man..."

When Vader got a fish hook stuck in his mouth, I had never been so scared as a dog mom as I was new to the city and had little income at the moment. You always hear about the ER for dogs being so expensive, not to mention the wait, so I was very hesitant to go. But I knew the hook needed to get taken out.  It was around 10pm so I called before and they gave me an estimate and I took him in and was out the door 30 minutes later. He had to be put under some anesthesia in order to remove it and it was so quick! The staff and everyone was so sweet and took really good care of my little man, not to mention it was probably one of the most cost efficient trips for my dogs I've ever taken. The next day I got a follow up call about needed pain meds or antibiotics for the little guy, but thankfully he didn't need any and was all good. I will definitely be returning for all future emergency services needed for my fur babies! 

"Thanks for your part in her getting better."

"Just wanted to send you a pic of Laeta who you helped save on January 14th &15th.  She is doing very well...happy and healthy, and a little spunky!  Thanks for your part in her getting better."
Steve & Debbie

"We can't thank the staff and doctors enough for giving Zoe a new lease on life..."

"Our 4 month old puppy was playing when she got cut above the eye and was bleeding. I grabbed her off the floor wrapped her in a towel and off we went to VES where we were greeted and taken back to triage immediately. I meet Dr. Tristan who examined her and said it was serious and the next 24 hours would be crucial. My wife and I came and visited Zoe the next day and met with Dr. Day who was very concerned and still optimistic for her recovery given her age and size. The doctors called and gave us updates throughout her stay.  On Thursday morning I decided to stop and see Zoe and the nurse came in and said they were working on her release papers.  She had improved drastically overnight. I couldn't believe it!  What an amazing recovery and all because of the specialists at VES. We can't thank the staff and doctors enough for giving Zoe a new lease on life and guiding her back to good puppy health. THANK YOU SO  MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR PROFESSIONALISM!  YOU TRULY ARE THE BEST."
Jeff & Lois

"We can't thank you enough for your compassion and help."

"I have never in my life been so pleased with a medical facility and staff.  Dr. Sarah Wetzel was so caring and compassionate, it really blew my mind.  I am so pleased to have met her and the staff that cared for my dog, Rex.  It truly was a blessing from God!  He is doing great and we can't thank all of you enough for your compassion and help."  

"We could tell from the minute we walked in...his health was the only thing that mattered."

"Mr. Magoo is back up on his stump after the extraordinary care he received from you all. We were honestly so pleased with the service we received and we were astonished by the reasonable costs of the services. Shocked I should say.  We could tell from the minute we walked in until we left that his health was the only thing that mattered. And, calling us days after to check in on him. What you are doing there is what every business should be doing! Unbelievable service, care, loyalty, and love! We can't thank you enough!"

"Ella is alive because of your clinic's skilled care."

"On April 15th, your staff hospitalized and treated Ella, a cat who had been burned in a house fire. Thanks to your exceptional care, Ella survived the most critical period after being burned, which allowed us to continue her wound care and ultimately, to reach a very good outcome. We anticipated that Ella would require a limb amputation, but she healed much better than anyone expected and ended up needing only P3 amputation of all the digits on just her hind paws (essentially, rear declaw.) Her ears are a little stubby, she has scars on her belly and hind legs, and each of her back paws now looks like one "big toe," but she is alive and doing very well at home. I have to imagine that in emergency practice, you don't get to follow up with patients that frequently. Ella is alive because of your clinic's skilled care. Thank you for taking such good care of Ella and for being there for our patients when we can't be. I am so thankful to have good emergency clinics in close proximity to our practice."
Dr. Stephanie Kvalheim & the staff at Evansville Veterinary Service

"I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart ..."

"I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me and my little girl Roxie this last Saturday! I had no idea what to do since this is the first puppy I have ever had. But you guys were so willing to work with me and what little money I had to get her the help she needed. You have no idea how much that meant to me. My little girl is doing great now thanks to you, it's almost like nothing even happened. Roxie says thanks guys"

"We appreciate your services immensely."

We appreciate your services immensely. It is always such peace of mind to know you are all there, ready to help us when we need care for our dog (Doby). We consider your place a great example of quality, professional service with a very loving touch. Thanks for checking on Doby after discharge. Doby is a senior dog, but with a puppy spirit.

"The overall care, professionalism and personal treatment from the staff were amazing."

The overall care, professionalism and personal treatment from the staff were amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a better place to have had our dog receive care during a crucial life threatening incident. Lu says "thank you!"

"It is the small things like that that we will never forget and will always be thankful for."

One year ago, our cat Jack fell 80 feet from our apartment balcony and fractured his spine along with most of the bones in both of his back feet. Joe and I wanted to send you all an update and some pictures as a thank you for all that you did for us and Jack. To start- Jack is doing amazingly well. He has no lasting problems from his fall or the multiple surgeries that he underwent which we think is miraculous. He walks, runs, jumps, plays, and torments his sister Lucy exactly how he did before he fell. You truly would never know that he went through such a horrible time. After Jack underwent his spinal fusion and had several plates, pins, and screws put into his feet, he lived in a large dog crate for about 3 months while he healed. He quickly learned how to walk and go to the bathroom with two clunky casts on his feet and he never slowed down from there. Those 3 months were easily the worst months of our lives but we could not be happier with our life now. Joe and I could never say thank you enough for everything that you all did for Jack. He is our best friend and we are so thankful that he's here with us today. We wanted to say a special thank you to Dr. Eshelman, Dr. King, and Dr. Gunn who all assured us from the start that they would do everything they could to keep him safe and make sure that all of his surgeries were a success. We also wanted to say thank you to Dr. Sibley, who spent time talking with us and comforting us while we visited Jack after his surgeries and and who went out of her way to treat Jack’s toe infection over the phone and through emails, without having us come in to the hospital because she knew how much money we had already spent. It is the small things like that that we will never forget and will always be thankful for. Also, a big thank you to everyone that we never had a chance to meet! The care that you all gave Jack for the week that he was in the hospital was amazing.
Mara and Joe